• Introducing

    Introducing Polymatronic

    Your source for high- end 3D Models, Animations and Animatronics

  • Animatronics

    Add realism to your film project

    Using animatronics enables you and your actors to interact with artificial characters, or make them the protagonist on their own

  • 3d Models

    Implement our 3d models and assets

    We love to create 3d elements. Wether it's game assets, or models and 3d solutions used for animation and VFX, we will take the challange.

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  • Animations

    Animations and VFX for your movie

    We have an affection for creating animations and visual effects which can be implemented in live shot footage, or stand for themselves

  • Prop creation

    Outfit sets or actors with analog props

    Next to our own workshop, we work together with different studios to create analog assets for film usage.