These are the core members of Polymatronic


Philipp Erkinger

Projectmanagement & 3D Artist

After studying architecture and software engineering, I started working as a conceptual, 3d artist and animator and was under contract at shotshotshot, a motion design studio located in Graz. Next to that, I've created numerous visualisations for architects and created my several short movies in my spare time.


Lian Xue

Projectmanagement (voluntary)

Originally coming from China, I searched for possibilities to connect with different cultures, which first led me to Egypt, and further to Austria. In Egypt I had the opportunity to work for a major university, where I organized classes as well as several international events for students as well as teachers, which now enables me to use my experiences and coordinate projects.


Who We Are

Polymatronic consists of a core team of two members connected through their creativity and interest in animation, model building and bringing new experiences in these fields to our clients. 
Beyond this we have a vast network of affiliates with whom we join forces whenever we get the opportunity.


From 3d models to animations, from modelbuilds to finished and controlable animatronics, we design, and create specialized assets for implementation in lifestock footage or animations. Our own workshop enables us to build uniqe pieces within a short period of time, and we work closely together with other workshops to improve our capacities as needed for your project.

Additionally we make logo animations and full length image films that are fitted for your business. Even our spare time is often dedicated to our profession, as we work on our own short films, competition and festival entries to continuously improve our skills.

What we can do

3D Modelling and Animation100%
Analog modelling and prop creation70%
Animatronics and Programming60%
Asset creation and game integration80%





Video & Filmproduction

The film and video production company was founded 2008 by David Köhlmeier. Since this time, a wide range of film forms has been produced: Image movies, music videos and documentaries, advertising clips and film features. All in the repertoire of dkmotion.

Link: website dkmotion

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