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Space Architecture

//Space Architecture

Competition visuals


Jacques Rougerie Foundation

Project description:


„Architecture and Innovation for Space“ – 2020 Grand Prix

Authors: Oliver Jungwirth / Maria Martinez Ramirez / Dario Bergmann / Philipp Erkinger Countries: Spain / Austria


Mankind has created and solved numerous threats to our ecosystem. Yet the Flood of Pollution has extended the planet and reached Space with over 8000 metric tons of SPACE DEBRIS & growing. lnspired by CORAL REEFS we are proposing a space station as a GROWING STRUCTURE that will COLLECT and RECYCLE space debris and REUSE it as construction material. Financed trough sustainable Space Tourism,this Station becomes an international Symbol, a KNOWLEDGE HUB, providing Gravity, Habitation and Reflection, enabling Mankind a new perspective on Earth as an ending entity of resources.

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  • Date : 2020
  • Client : -