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Synthia – The Movie

//Synthia – The Movie

Short Film



Project description:

Vienna, near future. Every houshold is supported by a personal assistant robot called Synthia, built by techgiant ENYO. The robot is equipped with a neuronal network and has access to all electronic devices. Synthia listens, and she learns. After a defective update of her Synthia, architect and workaholic Pez has an ENYO technician take a look at the robot, only to find out other Synthias are also malfunctioning. Since Pez is dependent on Synthia to assist her in calculations, she ignores the technician’s advice to unplug the robot. In playful banter with her boyfriend Chris, Pez asks Synthia to murder Chris. Little does Pez know Synthia will do anything to do her bidding.


Lisa Schrammel

Aksel Stasny

Sandra Hartlauer

Thomas Weilharter

Doris Wolf


Produced By

Christoph Dafert, Philipp Erkinger, Bernhard Weber, Maria Hinterkoerner


>>> Watch Synthia on Youtube <<<


  • Date : 2020
  • Client : Self